How to estimate concrete hollow blocks or CHB

A wall has a dimension of 35 meters long and and 7 meters high specify the use of 15 cm. concrete hollow blocks. Prepare a comparative bill of materials for CHB.

15 x 20 x 40 cm. CHB wall
find the area of the wall
A= 35 x 7
A= 275 sq. m.

1 sq. m. of a wall consist of 12.5 pcs of CHB

275 x 12.5 = 3,437.5 pcs of CHB


pathfinder said...
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pathfinder said...

Thanks for the good example. This will be useful for checking and calculating new construction works on hollow blocks.

Jun said...

What is cheaper a concrete wall or a combination of concrete and mesh wire

Unknown said...

35 x 7 is not 275 sq m. computations are way off.

RPD thesis said...

standard computation of cement and sand for one hollow block????

alex amarxon said...

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